Nasi Kandar Penang: Insanely Good Curry at Tajuddin Hussain

Nasi Kandar Penang: Insanely Good Curry at Tajuddin Hussain

One of these Foods that is so yummy, it blows off your mind, and after you finish eating, you have a grin in your face for the remainder of the afternoon without even knowing it, and you may even dream about the meal you ate because you sleep that evening.

Eating in nasi Kandar in Restoran Tajuddin Hussain at Penang was among these foods.

What’s nasi kandar?

While Chinese Food in Penang is very common, yet another among the most usual and most beloved foods to consume in Penang, also during Malaysian, is nasi kandar.

Rice, also kandar is your title for a conventional bamboo carrying rod basket — a kind of carrying procedure widely used during East Asia.

Collectively the Mix makes rice transported in a basket that is carrying.

In Malaysia, Especially Penang, when Indians migrated into the peninsula, they’d sell or send curry and rice out of those carrying basket.

Finally the Title came to be connected with not only rice and carrying baskets, just by means of the Indian curries served .

Today, it’s Not too common to locate real kandar mobile street food baskets, but rather there are larger open air restaurants which serve what’s still referred to as nasi kandar.

Nasi kandar has Come to refer to rice along with an range of Indian curries and dishes.

Since my initial Head to Kuala Lumpur back years past, nasi kandar was one of my favourite things to eat in Malaysia, one of those foods I crave just as soon as I land in the nation.

But while nasi Kandar can be found throughout Malaysia, the initial source is Penang, and that is where many folks still say you can eat the best variant. Why is it the very best in Malaysia?

Now that we’ve got Just a little history, let us proceed on to the nasi kandar meal which blew my head.

If you do some Online search for nasi kandar in Penang, you are going to think of a multitude of famous restaurants such as Nasi Kandar Line Clear and Nasi Kandar Beratur (sadly I ran out of time until I could try out both of these restaurants).

However, I chose to Proceed into a restaurant which I walked past when researching Penang a single day.

I didn’t consume There instantly, but moved back to our resort, looked up it, and as a consequence of its excellent reviews, Ying and I went there another day to get lunch.

Situated on the

Should you go right In a summit meal period it is only about always packed out and may be difficult to locate a table.

Ying and I Arrived early, at 11 am on a weekday, ready to devour a few nasi kandar during its freshest condition, and conquer the significant traffic.

In the back of The restaurant you will observe the cupboard display of a royal heaps of curry, which reminded me of Bhape Da Resort in Delhi.

I saw some folks Heading to the food display cabinet to purchase, however I feel that the vast majority of individuals who ate in the restaurant, simply sat down, then finally a waiter will come around and take the purchase.

That is exactly what we did.

I’d composed Down a few dishes to attempt, so I purchased some of the dishes I knew the titles of to begin.

Occasionally for Ordering, when I don’t have any clue what the titles are, I simply say a meat accompanied by curry. For example”mutton curry,” that they may have a couple variations of, but I only allow the waiter manage it from that point.

All the dishes Arrived on little little green plates, so the parts not enormous, so we can try out a number of unique curries.


Instead of Becoming white riceI opted to choose the biryani rice.

The biryani was Nicely fragrant, experienced with a great deal of shallots, turmeric, also there was a spoonful of cucumbers and a few coconut chutney on the side.

Since the tastes Of the curry proved so distinguished already, the biryani was likely unnecessary because it had been drowned out by the stronger flavors of the curry, but I am still not whining about that.

The biryani made A gorgeous base.

Mutton curry

Mutton curry is Among the world’s best dishes.

Something about The taste of the meat coupled with spices, it is only a mix which works exceptionally well.

The mutton curry We obtained at Tajuddin Hussain nasi kandar comprised a little part of mutton at a sauce which literally looked like reddish melted butter. Along with the richness of this, was not far off.

It was a bit Hot, and had this satisfying mix of dry spices wrapped up in an insanely wealthy and fatty gravy.

Among those things I discovered is that there were pandan leaves from the curry too, something I had not seen earlier in a curry (in Thailand that they are largely utilized in desserts).

Ayam climbed

Equally as great Since the mutton curry has been that the ayam rose, curry increased curry, and I feel that was my first time to attempt it.

It tasted Like barbecue sauce poultry, but maybe not sweet, but hot and filled with spices rather.

The sauce at the Ayam climbed was really leaking in acrylic, but it was worth it.

Squid curry

We watched that the squid On screen in the glass cupboard, and needing to find some fish, we purchased the squid curry too.

It was very Like the mutton curry, but it had a tiny sour tinge to it, also contained tender squid.

I had been thinking The squid could be a bit on side, but it was unbelievably tender, almost like chicken breast.


For many meals I Eat, I love to eat a variety of different dishes, and balance the different dishes I select.

So finally, I

I am not sure what Vegetable it had been, but it comprised both enormous leaves and stalks. The vegetable has been fall apart tender, likely cooked to death, and functioned before the point of disintegrating.

It had been plain When compared with another curries, however, went exceptionally well with the biryani rice and has been a fantastic accompaniment to the remaining dishes.

While I need to Have been extremely satisfied then sum of nasi kandar along with the unbelievable rich and tasty curries, the issue is that, as we had been eating, an increasing number of people began filing into Restoran Tajuddin Hussain and ordering distinct foods.

I saw you table Had arranged a plate of a coloured colored dish, along with my fascination couldn’t manage it I had no option but to purchase it.

And I am not the

Mutton korma

I have had mutton Korma earlier, however, this is the palest version I have ever noticed. And in comparison to other dishes I purchased, the mutton korma was considerably less yummy.

That does not mean It was not fine, it was good, but following mouthfuls of over-the-top flavors that eager my taste buds, the mutton korma wasn’t as great as it likely would’ve been had I consumed it in the start of the meal.

The sauce has been

If You’ve got a couple minutes, make certain to see the video under the intensely excellent meal.

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