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Misty’s adorable robotics platform ships in April for $2,399

The Path to robots is Jibo and Kuri mark two recent examples of exactly how hard it is bringing such a device to advertise. In reality, with the exception of...

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Hands-on with the Apple Watch Series 5

However they also crammed a Lot of Other stuff in there for good measure. New iPads! Establish dates for Apple Arcade and Apple TV+! Didn't have time to watch the...

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Hands-on with the new Google Pixel 4

That literally everyone saw coming. By Google's standards, the handset leaked like crazy. Some was almost certainly by design, since the company appeared to hype its new flagship amid slowing...

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Facebook’s Libra coin explained simply

Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency which will start early next season is much more like PayPal compared to Bitcoin -- it is intended to be simple enough for all to use. Nonetheless,...

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Facebook launches Portal TV, a $149 video chat set-top box

Facebook wants to take over your television Using a If you can get past the creepiness, the new Portal TV allows you to hang out with friends on your house's...

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A ride in a Waymo driverless car

Congrats! This car is all yours, with no up one "This journey will differ. With no one else in the car, Waymo will do all of the driving. Love this...

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Quantum Computing Is a Bigger Deal Than the Internet

A Paper published in the journal Nature on October 23, researchers reported that the group supporting Google's quantum computer"Sycamore" were able to use their machine to address a problem in...

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How a Digital Switch-Off Allows Ravers to Let Go

Lakota, now running for almost three decades, is an Association in Bristol. The mythical place on the corner of Upper York Street and Moon Street climbed to prominence in the...

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